The Truax Hotel came to be from a glorious past that has been generations in the making. From a family of American innkeepers dating back to the 1600’s, Bernard Truax carries on his family’s legacy today through the establishment of the Truax Hotel, which brings a fresh vitality to Old Town, Temecula. A proud Temeculan through and through, Bernard has spent his life enjoying the area’s many splendors – from its majestic vineyards and scenic trails to its rich history and ranching character. Out of his love for Temecula was born his vision to create a hotel for others to enjoy this special place as well.
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Truax Hotel Story

The Hotel Story

The Truax Family’s roots run deep. They have called America home since the mid-1600’s when they migrated from France. Through the many generations that have come and gone, common traits have been passed down. The name Truax has been associated with quality construction, hospitality and community for almost 400 years here, and more than a century abroad. That tradition continues today with Bernard L. Truax, (Bernie) owner and proprietor of The Truax Hotel.

Bernie comes from a close-knit family that originally called Pennsylvania home. His father set the example of the importance of giving back to the community; the importance of integrity, humility and faith. Bernie carries on those family values and has adopted Temecula as his home for decades.

Bernie is a cowboy at heart, with an appreciation of land, cattle and hard work; where your word is your honor and deals are sealed with a handshake. Although his accomplishments are many, Bernie’s real legacy is his family. Along with his wife of over 40 years, A.J., they have raised a family and built a family business. Together, they give back to the community by supporting recovery, the arts and education.

Re-envisioning the spirit of this iconic era in a new, contemporary way, The Truax Hotel is a 4-Star Hotel that blends the grandeur of yesteryear with the modern luxuries of today. The Truax Hotel is part of Old Town Temecula’s historic landscape, a part of the vision of how Old Town should have always been. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, impeccable finishes and attention to detail, The Truax Hotel honors Temecula’s historic Western past and embraces it’s vibrant and promising future.