The Truax Hotel came to be from a glorious past that has been generations in the making. From a family of American innkeepers dating back to the 1600’s, Bernard Truax carries on his family’s legacy today through the establishment of the Truax Hotel, which brings a fresh vitality to Old Town, Temecula. A proud Temeculan through and through, Bernard has spent his life enjoying the area’s many splendors – from its majestic vineyards and scenic trails to its rich history and ranching character. Out of his love for Temecula was born his vision to create a hotel for others to enjoy this special place as well.
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Truax Hotel Vision

The Truax Hotel

is part of Old Town Temecula’s historic landscape, a part of the vision of how Old Town should have always been. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, impeccable finishes and attention to detail, The Truax Hotel honors Temecula’s historic Western past and embraces it’s vibrant and promising future. For the discerning modern traveler who is seeking a new destination experience, The Truax Hotel is the only luxury property in Downtown Temecula. Unlike other Southern California getaways, The Truax Hotel evokes the spirit of authentic California ranch living with contemporary style in a vibrant town setting.

The Project

The Truax Hotel spans five stories and includes accommodations and amenities designed specifically for the discerning traveler and guest. With over 185 rooms, guests will enjoy the architecture and period appropriate design in our standard rooms or one of our exclusive penthouses.

Temecula is an award-winning wine region and an emerging food destination. To highlight the region’s epicurean delights, The Truax Hotel will feature five distinct and separate dining experiences. Whether you are enjoying a bite on the rooftop or dining at our steakhouse, there is always something new to be tasted and enjoyed.

With an average temperature of 76 degree, Downtown Temecula enjoys a unique ambiance that many are now discovering. Tucked into the Rancho California Valley, half way between Los Angeles and San Diego, The Truax Hotel will be part of the Temecula landscape, finishing off a cityscape that began over a century ago. The Truax Hotel will be thee destination for guests, business travelers and visitors alike. With luxury outside spaces to enjoy the weather, the excitement of Old Town and the amenities, The Truax Hotel encourages guests and visitors alike to discover this special place and stay awhile.

The project has been approved and the initial phases of construction have begun.