The Truax Hotel came to be from a glorious past that has been generations in the making. From a family of American innkeepers dating back to the 1600’s, Bernard Truax carries on his family’s legacy today through the establishment of the Truax Hotel, which brings a fresh vitality to Old Town, Temecula. A proud Temeculan through and through, Bernard has spent his life enjoying the area’s many splendors – from its majestic vineyards and scenic trails to its rich history and ranching character. Out of his love for Temecula was born his vision to create a hotel for others to enjoy this special place as well.
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The Truax Hotel

Sharing a long-term vision with the City of Temecula, The Truax Hotel tells Old Town Temecula’s history through its architecture, selected interiors, and old-world craftsmanship. Chosen by Marriott as an Autograph Property, The Truax Hotel bears the signature of Bernard L. Truax, II (Bernie) in its design, function, and historical accuracy.

The Truax Family has been a key part of Old Town’s revival from the very beginning, and like all great artists, Bernie signs his work. The Truax Hotel is the next installment in a story that is truly Temecula.
Designed to not only fit into the cityscape of downtown, The Truax Hotel features architecture inspired from the Western Mercantile era to the Mission Revival period. The inspiration for the hotel was to preserve the area’s historic landscape and restore Old Town to the way it should have always been.

Truax Hotel Vision

The project features architectural elements such as paseo walkways, a grand staircase, water features, and inviting outdoor spaces.  Two towers, Western and Spanish, accurately reflect the history and progression of Old Town from the mid-1800’s through today.

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Temecula’s Historic Past

The interior continues the Temecula story, honoring our California Ranching roots in a new and contemporary way. The decor, furnishings and luxurious textiles blend the wonderment and grandeur of yesteryear with the modern luxuries of today. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, impeccable finishes and attention to detail, The Truax Hotel honors Temecula’s historic Western past while setting the stage for a vibrant and exciting future.

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